Paik Nak-chung

Year 2006

January Participated in the founding of Sekyo Research Institute (Chairman Won-Sik Choi). Published a collection of literary criticism 『Rewarding Korean Literature in the Unification Era』 (Changbi) and a social criticism 『Unification of the Korean Peninsula, Present Progressive Type』(Changbi, May). February The celebration of the 40th anniversary of the creation and criticism is held. President of the Presidential Unification Advisory Council (until the end of 2007). June 11th Late Spring Unification Award. In commemoration of the 40th anniversary of 『Creation and Criticism』, participating in the “Korea East-Japan Solidarity and Role of Magazine” international symposium held by Changbi and Sekyo Research Institute. Organized a joint national event for the 6th anniversary of the June 15th Joint Declaration in Gwangju and Mokpo. In July 6th, 15th National Literature Association formed and served as advisor. When the August 15th Pyongyang Festival collapsed due to the heavy water damage in the North, the South Korean Committee launched a campaign to help the North and South Koreans. A new version of the Won Buddhism Engagement, which has been collaborating for nearly 10 years, has been published. In December, he visited Pyongyang, met with North Korean committee chairman Ahn Kyung-ho, and agreed on the outline of the 2007 National Joint Committee.

Year 2007

In early March, the June 15th Joint Declaration was re-elected as the permanent representative of the South Korean Committee (2 years), and in the middle of the meeting, the South Korean delegation attended the National Joint Committee meeting in Shenyang. In April, the collection of criticism 『Ethnic Literature and World Literature』 was selected as the “50 Best Books of Our Time” by The Korea Daily. In the Kyunghyang Shinmun, a survey conducted by 74 intellectuals from all walks of life in the 20th year of democratization, was selected as the most influential intellectual in Korean society over the past 20 years. Visiting Pyongyang as the head of the South at the National Unification Festival celebrating the 7th anniversary of the June 15 Joint Declaration. Chairman of the organizing committee of the 2007 Asia-Africa Literary Festival–Jeonju. While preparing for the 8-15 National Joint Event in Busan, it was canceled due to the North’s absence. Citizen Broadcasting RTV Chairman’s term of office was completed and honored as Chairman. In early October, I went to Pyongyang as a special agent for the inter-Korean summit. Published 『Naknakcheong Conversation Record』(1~5). In December, 『Changbi Weekly Comment』 announced the 2008 New Year column “What to hurry right after the election”.

Year 2008

Keynote presentation at the 2nd East Asian Critical Magazine Conference in Taipei, where he visited and lectured in Taiwan. The June 15th Joint Declaration held at Mt. In Bergen, Norway, he participated in a symposium with Frederick Jameson, the winner of the Holberg Prize, and presented “A Singular Modernity, Plural Postmodernisms, and a Double Project”. December 2009 New Year’s Column “About Governance” was published in Changbi Weekly Comment.

Year 2009

On March 6th, the 15th Joint Declaration of the South Committee of the Executive Committee was completed and the second term was elected as an honorary representative. Received the 11th Hankyoreh Unification Culture Award. June Awarded the 3rd Kim Dae-jung Academic Award, an award ceremony at Chonnam National University. August Published 『Where’s Midway and Why Transformation』 (Changbi). Talks with Chen Guang-sing (陳光興) (released in the next year’s Inter-Asia Cultural Studies magazine, “Special Issue of Baek Nak-cheong” (Vol. 11, No. 4)). Founding of the Korean Peninsula Peace Forum and the inauguration of a joint representative (since becoming a corporation, joint co-chairman). Selected by the East Asian Publishers’ Association, “Shaking Splitting System” (Changbi 1998) for “100 Books in East Asia”. In December, 『Changbi Weekly Comment』 announced the 2010 New Year column “A 2010 to make a new edition of the past 100 years.”

Year 2010

At the 10th anniversary of the June 15th Joint Declaration, an honorary representative encouraged by the title, “The 6-15th Age Continues”. Published by the Lianjing Publishing Co., Ltd., in Chinese, 《白본晴: 分斷体制·民族文學』 (Pak Yeong-seo·Cheon Guang-sing). Participated in the 3rd East Asia Critical Magazine Conference held in Jinmen Island. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies published Volume 11, No. 4 as’Special Issue: Paik Nak-chung’. Reassessing the Park Chung Hee Era, 1961–1979 (C. Sorensen and H. Kim, eds., University of Washington Press) . In December, 『Changbi Weekly Comment』 announced the 2011 New Year column “Recovering common sense and liberal arts through the trials of 2010”.

Year 2011

A keynote presentation was given in the title of’Let’s Prepare for the 2013 System’ at the ‘2011 Civic Activist Convention for Peace and Reunification’ held in March by the Citizens Peace Forum. April Published The Division System in Crisis: Essays on Contemporary Korea (University of California Press). May Published a review book, 『Ask Again What Literature is』 (Changbi). The first edition of the book 『Ethnic Literature and World Literature 1』(1978) and the second edition of the book 『In Search of the Logic of Human Liberation』(Poetic History 1979), 『Ethnic Literature and World Literature 1/In Search of Human Liberation』(Changbi) Published. In July, he joined the founding of the “Hope 2013·Win 2012 Roundtable” and actively participated in the presidential election in December. December Announced the “New Year’s Column” “after Kim Jong-il” and 2013 System” in 『Changbi Weekly Comment』

Year 2012

January Publishing the 2013 system (Changbi). June Published the Japanese version of the social commentary 『韓國民主化2.0』(岩波書店), which was selected in 『Where’s the Middle and Why Change?』 and 「2013 System Making」. Lecture at’Asian Circle of Thought 2012 Shanghai Summit’, an academic conference hosted by the Azerbaijan Academy (Inter-Asia School) and the Shanghai Biennale in Shanghai, China. As a follow-up to the Lawrence International Convention, according to the precedent since 1999, which prepared the special issue of the DH Lawrence Studies of the Korean Lawrence Society, Michael Bell of the United Kingdom and Virginia Hyde of the United States and guest editors were formed. Published Volume 20, Issue 2. Dismissal of Hope 2013 and Victory Roundtable 2012 after the presidential election in December. December The New Year column, “In Search of Hope 2013,” was published in 『Changbi Weekly Comment』.

Year 2013

In March, he presented “Toward Overcoming Korea’s Division System through Civic Participation” at the special session of the Association for Asian Studies annual conference in San Diego, USA, and presented the content in Critical Asian Studies Vol. 45, No. 2 (June). Participated in the 5th East Asian Critical Magazine Conference held in Okinawa in June, from “From the Core Fields” to Exploring Contemporary Asian Thoughts: Keynote Speech entitled “Okinawa, the Korean Peninsula, and East Asia.” In December, 『Changbi Weekly Comment』 announced the 2014 New Year column “Social Integration, Not Impossible”.

Year 2014

Participated in the East Asia critical magazine conference in Hong Kong in June. Participated in the 13th D. H. Lawrence International Conference in Gargnano, Italy, from June to July, and spoke verbally about’The Ship of Death’ at Lawrence City. In August, the Sekyo Forum announced the theme of “For the Great Redemption and the Great Transition: After the System of 2013” ​​and revised the announcement and published it in the Winter 2014 issue of 『Creation and Criticism』. Keynote lecture at “International Academic Conference” hosted by Guangdong Museum of Art in Guangzhou, China in October. In November, as part of the Naver Cultural Foundation’s’Inside and Out of Culture’ program, lectures on “Double Challenges of Modernity, Adaptation and Overcoming: Separate Organizations, East Asia, and the World System” and co-authored lectures, “Planning and Challenges of Civil Society: Included in the Review of Modernity” (Minumsa 2016). In December, 『Changbi Weekly Comment』 announced the 2015 New Year column “70th Anniversary of Liberation and Dream of Liberation again”.

Year 2015

Appeared in the Changbi podcast “Radio Bookshop” in April, and revealed the decision shared inside Changbi since the second half of 2014 that he decided to resign from the editorship of “Creation and Criticism” at the end of 2015. From the middle of June, the so-called ‘Shin Kyung-sook’ situation took place, and internal discussions over Changbi’s response were spoken intermittently through Facebook since late August. August Hee-ho Lee visits North Korea as the executive director of the Kim Dae-jung Peace Center. September “The Double Project of Modernity” published in New Left Review 95 (August-September). At the Changbi Literary Awards Integration Awards, Kim Yun-su, a publisher of 『Creation and Criticism』, and Baek Young-seo, announced the resignation of the editor, reviewing Changbi’s past, and ‘greetings’ that summarize the position on recent controversy. December Published a special edition of D. H. Lawrence Studies (Vol. 23, No. 2), edited by Michael Bell and Virginia Hyde. Announced the 2016 New Year column “If a new coup is in progress” in 『Changbi Weekly Comment』.

Year 2016

January Inauguration of the honorary editor of 『Creation and Criticism』. February Buddhism Park Yun-cheol (Park Meng-soo) and special interview, then included in 『The Great Transition of Civilization and the Beginning of the Civilization: Baek Nak-cheong’s Study of Won Buddhism』 (People Who Serve). “Thanks” was announced at the 50th anniversary celebration of the creation and criticism. Included in the interview, 「Continuously, Newly Moving Forward: Changbi 50 Years of History」 (Changbi), published at the commemoration ceremony. The Doctrinal Books of Won- has been published since 2009 and has been revised and published in the revised 『Jeongjeon』 and 『Daejonggyeong』 and the newly translated 『Jungsanjongsaek』 and 『Buljoyogyeong』. Buddhism is published simultaneously. On the 28th of April, the keynote lecture was given at the International Conference on the 100th Anniversary of Won Buddhism under the title of “The Great Transition of Civilization and the Role of Religion.” In November, Park Geun-hye-Choi Soon-sil’s gate and candlelight protests “Let’s open a new era boldly and wisely” on Facebook (11.16) and “People are bold and wise even after being faced with a’revolt’ in “Changbi Weekly Comment” (11.23) Announcement. In December, 『Changbi Weekly Comment』 announced the 2017 New Year column “Let’s not stay still in the New Year”.

Year 2017

“January 『The Great Transition of Civilization and the Enlightenment of Heaven: The Study of Won Buddhism of Baek Nak Cheong” was published. From January to February, a total of six lectures of’Literature and Era Reading with Baek Nak Cheong’ were published in the 2016 issue of 『Creation and Criticism』. Published “Won-Buddhism and a Great Turning in Civilization” in Cross-Currents: East Asia History and Culture, published by Berkeley University, USA (Nominally March issue), published 6th and 7th volumes of 『Paek Nak-cheong Conversation』.

– Abbreviated annual record for the above 『Baknakcheong Conversation Record』(1-7)

In September, “Changbi Weekly Comment”, “Can Candle” will create peace on the Korean Peninsula? From November to January of the following year, we participated in the 1st’Changbi Discourse Academy’ co-hosted by Sekyo Research Institute, Quarterly Changbi, and Changbi Hakdang 7 times with 30 people on the theme of’distribution system and transformational centralism’ Lectures and study groups are held. December Announced New Year’s Column “Candle Revolution and Candlelight Government” in 『Changbi Weekly Comment』.

Year 2018

Participated in the 2nd Changbi Discourse Academy, which was held 8 times from April to July, and held lectures and study sessions with 30 people on the theme of’Double Assignment and Civilization Conversion Theory’. In May, the “Global Responsibility of the Candlelight Revolution” was held at the “International Discussion on Candlelight Resurgence” co-organized by the Park Geun-hye regime, the National Action Record Memorial Committee and the Democratic Movement Commemorative Project. In June, the results of the first “Changbi Discourse Academy” were published, “Study of the Era of Change: Theory of Divisional Groups and Transformational Centering” (written by Baek Nak-cheong and others). In September, in the autumn issue of 『Creation and Criticism』, “What kind of inter-Korean union to create: the Korean Peninsula in the Candlelight Revolution” was announced. President Moon Jae-in visited North Korea as a member of a special group of Pyongyang summits. Lecture on “Peace and Unification Sympathy Forum: Candlelight Revolution, The Pulsating Korean Peninsula Situation and Democracy” at the invitation of the Democratic and Commonwealth Washington Council. In October, he gave a lecture under the title of “The Korean Peninsula in Flux: South Korea’s “Candlelight Revolution” and its Impact” by the Institute of Korean Studies at Harvard University (Edward Baker Society). Invited by the East Asian Research Center at the University of Chicago, USA, and talked with Bruce Cummings after giving a lecture of the same name. In November, held the 2nd Asian Literature Festival as chairman of the organizing committee. The results of the 2nd Changbi Discourse Academy were published, 『A Study on the Great Transformation of Civilization: Theory of Double Assignment and Civilization Transformation』(written by Nakcheong Baek and others). December “South Korea’s Candlelight Revolution and the Future of the Korean Peninsula” published in The Asia-Pacific Journal (Vol. 16 No. 3). Announced the New Year column “What to do after seeing the sky” in 『Changbi Weekly Comment』.

Year 2019

In February, he lectured at the “International Conference on the 100th Anniversary of the March 1st Movement,” organized by the Korean Christian Society for Social Affairs, and revised and supplemented the manuscript to announce “Creating a 3rd and 1st Korean Peninsula” in the Spring issue of Creation and Criticism. December Co-author of 「3·1 and Making a Korean Peninsula-style Country」 and adding the comment “About “Resolving Pro-Japanese Remnants”” 『Transformation of 100 Years: From March 1 to Candlelight』 (written by Baek Nak-cheong, written by Baek Young-seo) Published. Announced New Year’s Column “Chat Candle Revolution” in 『Changbi Weekly Comment』.

Year 2020

June D.H. Lawrence’s Thinking on Modern Civilization (1972), translated by D. H. Lawrence’s Thinking on Modern Civilization (1972) Lawrence’s Modern Civilization Hall: Published on 『Rainbow』 and “Love Women” (by Seol Joon-gyu and Young-hee Kim and Nam-young Jung and Mi-suk Kang).

Year 2005

At the end of January, he became the permanent representative of the South-North Overseas Joint Event for the implementation of the June 15 Joint Declaration (later renamed as the “South Korea Committee for the Joint Declaration of June 15”). In March, delegations from North and South Korea gathered to form a joint committee. Visiting Pyongyang for the first time in early June, making preliminary arrangements for the June 15th National Joint Event and participating in the 5th anniversary celebration of the June 15th Declaration as the South Korean general manager. In July, he participated as a honorary guest at the “National Artists Competition for the Joint Declaration of June and 15th” held in Pyongyang, and gave a congratulatory speech. Hosted a joint event between North and South Korea in August.

Year 2004

In commemoration of the retirement of Seoul National University’s English department, the publication of the English literature of the era of globalization (Changbi), published by professors such as Professor Seon-kyu Seol and Myung-hwan Kim. The book, “Shaking Minutes,” was selected as the “Korean Book 100” to be translated and introduced in the 2005 Frankfurt International Book Fair. December North Korean writer Hong Seok-jung visited Mt. Geumgang to receive the Manhae Literary Award.

Year 2003

February Retirement from Seoul National University (later, Emeritus Professor).

Year 2002

As a merit in the area of ​​『Jeongjeon』, he received the law of Communism from the Buddhist church of Won Buddhism.

Year 1977

Lee Young-hee, an issuer of the Dialogue with 800 Million People, was arrested in the anti-communist law for a violation of the anti-communist law after being arrested in the anti-communist law. At the end of the year, he withdrew from the position of Creative and Criticism and remained an editor.

Year 2001

As the first achievement of the Won Buddhism Engagement Area Project, a new area version of 『Jungjeon』 has been published. A full version of the “Shaking Sector System” (“朝鮮半島統一論-搖らぐ分斷体制”) was published by Toureo’s Kurein publisher. Won the 5th Manhae Prize for Action.

Year 2000

October Chairman of the Citizen Broadcasting Preparation Committee.